With love, we combine our homemade sauces in our dishes to bring you what everyone is talking about. Enjoy!!


Latino Bites was founded in 2014 by John Bedoya, a NY native. Prior to opening his first mini food truck, John always had a passion for food and dreamed about one day opening his own food business. With sacrifice and dedication, John’s motivation led him to later open his first mini food truck.

With his experience and enthusiasm, he was able to create a combination of Colombian & Mexican flavors that now, everyone talks about. Thanks to the combination in flavors and his specialty dishes, Latino Bites started growing rapidly and the supporters knew this was not your usual flavors that you have in your regular foods. 

The high demand led John to opening a larger food truck which is well known through Jackson Heights and other parts of NY. But it didn’t stop there! John combined his creative and delicious foods with excellent service, which then led him to open Latino Bites Restaurant. John gives thanks to all his customers for the many years of support.



Latino Bites was founded to bring the people and visitors of NY a multi-sensory experience of quality food in a beautiful traditional environment. Our menu is focused on unique recipes that will bring joy and satisfaction when tasting the flavors combined in every dish. At the Restaurant’s location you will be able to experience a never-before-seen environment that will blow your mind; three separate areas in which you may choose from to enjoy your delicious meal.


Burger Bar seeks to provide New Yorkers with high quality, healthy, and organic food and hopes to spread its original menu outside the United States through affiliate franchise programs in the near future.